All Are Welcome

St. George Maronite Catholic Church is a Christian community of the Syriac Maronite Patriarchal Church of Antioch, a self-governing Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with the Pope of Rome, Francis. We are rooted in Jesus Christ and come together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to promote God’s love and mercy to everyone.

In 1925, 11 dedicated men pled with Fr. George Aziz, and together they founded the Maronite parish in Texas and the Southwestern of the United States, St. George Maronite Catholic Church. Today, 91 years later, we are a community that is still growing, proud of our past, celebrating our present, and building for our future. Our story at St. George is like the story of the grain of wheat that was planted in the soil of San Antonio bearing much fruit. It is like the story of the mustard seed that the Lord planted and it grew to become a large tree. Our story is the story of many dedicated men and women whose sacrifices over the period of 90 years made St. George grow and flourish.

Our webpage has been designed to provide all who are interested in the Maronite community of St. George a place to gain valuable information about our culture, traditions, and activities. We encourage and welcome everyone to come worship with us and experience the richness and beauty of the Maronite Catholic tradition.

Come and see.

Upcoming Events & Mass Times

  1. 20 Apr

    Prayer of Forgiveness

    11:30 am
  2. 20 Apr

    Easter Divine Liturgy and Rite of Peace (Arabic and English)

    11:30 pm
  3. 21 Apr

    NO 8:00 AM LITURGY

    8:00 am
    St. George Maronite Church
  4. 21 Apr

    Easter Divine Liturgy

    11:00 am