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Fiesta Medals, Holy Week Candles, Good Friday Collection

Have you bought your Fiesta Medal?

Come get your St. George Maronite Fiesta Medal for $10.00, available at the church office.


The Ladies Altar Society are taking orders for its Holy Week Candles:

Candles to be placed on the altar on Holy Thursday, April 18, to commemorate a loved one, will be on sale for $5 per candle. Candles can also be purchased on weekend liturgies.


Good Friday Collection for the Church in the Holy Land

Parishes around the world will be taking up the traditional annual Good Friday Collection for the Church in the Holy Land. The proceeds from the Good Friday Collection go to the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. The Good Friday collection will support: maintenance of Holy Places and Shrines, social and charitable activities, educational and scientific activities, pastoral activities, and liturgical, ecumenical, and communications programs. Please be generous