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Annual Contribution Statements

Annual Contributions

Your 2020 contribution statements have been mailed to you. If for any reason you do not receive them, or you like to receive the statement by email, or there is a mistake in the statement, please contact the church office to make the corrections at 210-690-9569.

Your contribution envelopes will be mailed out to you every quarter. If you do not receive your envelopes, have changed your address, or you are making your donation online and do not need the envelopes, please contact the church office at 210-690-9569. Thank you for your continuous support to St. George.


Church Cleaning

We will be cleaning the church on Saturday, February 6, 2021 starting at 9:30 AM. Everyone is invited to join us and help, we are in need of volunteers and your help is greatly appreciated. If you cannot stay the whole time, any time you can help would sincerely be appreciated.