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Seminarians and Retired Priests

A man must undergo a rigorous education and formation program for at least five years to become a priest. During this time he is called a “seminarian”. The Eparchy needs seminarians to ensure that there will be enough priests in the future. The Eparchy currently has 10 seminarians. Two of them are deacons and two will be subdeacons soon. The average cost of educating and supporting a seminarian is $40,000 per year ($400,000 in total this year).

At the other end of the spectrum, the Eparchy has four retired priests who faithfully served for over 150 years (on a collective basis) in parishes. These priests receive a modest pension each month and supplemental health insurance. The total cost of this is $111,000 in 2018. 35% of this year’s Annual Appeal proceeds will go to assist the needs of Seminarians and Retired Priests.

Charity to Others

Just as you are generous to the Eparchy, the Eparchy generously supports those in need here in the United States, and abroad in places like Lebanon and Syria. Many worthy causes are helped with this assistance. 10% of this year’s Annual Appeal proceeds will go to charity.

National Maronite Shrine

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon located in North Jackson, Ohio, was founded over 50 years ago to invoke Our Lady’s protection over all Maronites in the United States. The Shrine is a place of pilgrimage for all Maronites and is open 365 days a year. 10% of this year’s Annual Appeal proceeds will go to assist the National Shrine.

Missions and Small Parishes

Opening new parishes is essential to the survival of the Maronite Church in America. The Eparchy has sent priests to new areas to gather Maronites and minister to them, such as Milwaukee, Riverside and El Paso. These new missions need support for basic expenses such as insurance, utilities and the priest’s living costs, in their early days to grow. 30% of this year’s Annual Appeal proceeds will go to support Missions and Small Parishes.


The Eparchy has multiple ministries to better serve Maronites which need to grow because they do not reach as many people as they should. Among these ministries are: Religious Education, Youth Ministry, New Evangelization, and Family and Sanctity of Life. The Eparchy wants to increase the size and scope of its ministries so that they reach more people in more places throughout the Eparchy. 15% of this year’s Annual Appeal proceeds will go to assist the Eparchy’s Ministries.

2018 Lenten Appeal

$2,827 of $11,000 raised

The Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles is the Catholic diocese for Maronite Catholics living in the United States in 34 states, stretching from West Virginia in the East to California in the West.

The Bishop's Annual Appeal is conducted each year during Lent to ask for support for the most urgent needs in the Eparchy. The pie chart shows how your gifts for this year’s Annual Appeal will be allocated amongst these needs.

Bishop Elias asks for you to generously give of your Time, Talent and Treasure:

✓ Time: Volunteer your time for the Church.

✓ Talent: Use the talents God has given you for the Church.

✓ Treasure: Share your financial resources with the Church.


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